• Link types: weblink (http:// and https://), E-Mail (mailto:), phone number (tel:);
  • Bind an unlimited number of Notes to a Link;
  • Clipboard monitor to automatically downloading and inserting weblink metadata (title, keywords) into new forms;
  • Accept shared text from other apps (helpful for pushing URLs from browsers);
  • Clear the clipboard;
  • Attach an unlimited number of tags to Links and Notes;
  • Favorites to filter Links and Notes by several tags (by any tag or all at once);
  • Ability to hide the Notes text;
  • A quick jump from Link to bound Notes and from the Note to the related Link;
  • Text search by Links, Notes and Favorites;
  • Reading mode for Notes;
  • Back up and restore the application database;
  • Two-way data sync;
  • Free and open-source software (GPLv3).