Privacy policy

Application privacy policy

The application can work without entering login data. In that case, data sync functionality will not be available. After entering login data, the application will only communicate with the server you specified.

When you enter your login data in the application, the user name and password will be sent to the server you specified and nowhere else. The login details are stored using Android Account Manager and not by the application itself.

Other data entered into the application (Links, Notes, Favorites) are stored in a database located in private disk space that's associated with the application and will not be transmitted to any server other than the server you specified.

The backup function copies data out of the private area, so you need to protect your backups.

The application does not track user activity and does not collect, process or transmit any statistical data. There are no ads in the application.

Web site privacy policy

This website does not collect or process personal data.

Technical details in connection with visits to the website are logged by the server. These logs are only used for maintenance purposes and for statistical purposes.